Want to Leave Smoking? Read this!

What happens when you leave smoking?

Let’s start with what will happen once you take this decision. Your life quality will start improving instantly.

Yes, that much improvement happens in your body functioning when after your last smoke! Motivated enough? Now let us come to why you should leave smoking.

Firstly, Cigarettes have been responsible to take the lives of more people that wars and conflicts combined. Shocking, isn’t it?

Further, smokers die 10 YEARS earlier than people who have never touched a smoke.

UneekMan brings you a variety of products which could help you out if you’re convinced!

Nicorette Gum

Anti-smoking Nicorette gum has been designed to give you the correct replacement so that you are able to deal with your withdrawal symptoms better. It could be your companion on this journey against self-made pollution. Most of us smoke as for us it is a ‘stress buster’, if you are one of these, you could have the Gum as a stress buster, instead of smoking.

How does smoking actually harm the body?

Let me now tell you how each cigarette harms your body. With each inhalation, 5000 chemical substances interact with body’s tissues. The tar released from a cigarette when interacts with teeth and gums starts to cause decay almost immediately. The chemicals also interact with the nervous system and begin damaging the nerve endings. These damaged nerve endings causing loss of smell. Further on, the lungs get prone to more infection. You could get bronchitis at the very least. This occurs when the cilia of the lungs get damaged. If you remember your childhood biology lessons correctly, you know that the cilia are hairlike projections that help in keeping the airways clean. If the lungs get damaged, it can lead to oxygen deprivation as well as shortness of breath. Also, a major chemical that we know is a component of cigarette smoke is Nicotine. Nicotine is a drug that, through the blood travels to the brain, and then causes endorphin release. Endorphin is one of the happy hormones. That is why you feel that stress is released on smoking a cigarette. Endorphin, in turn, causes contriction of blood vessels by damaging their lining. This can enhance clot formation inside the blood and vascular system to trigger strokes. Now you know how Smoking in every form, whether cigarette or otherwise, leads to an increase in the risk of heart disease in more forms than one.


Mini Lozenges by UneekMan

Don’t worry, if this made you change your mind about smoking, it isn’t too late. You can always order Nicorette Mini Lozenges. They give you relief from the urge to smoke, in giving you the Nicotine you need to make you feel better when you’re stressed. All this, without the harmful effects of Cigarette smoke, in the form of yellowed teeth and bad breath and more effects mentioned above and below.

Still not convinced? Read on!

Does Smoking cause Cancer?

Cigarette smoking can trigger mutations in the genetic makeup of your body. This can increase the risk of having cancer manifold. And not only lung cancer, but multiple tissue cancer can be caused by it. Smoke also decreases the ability of your body to heal, by decreasing immunity.

What are the effects in Men v/s women?

For the men as well as the women, smoke brings equal or worse bad news. If you’re a woman trying to get pregnant, you must not smoke as it will make getting pregnant tougher and tougher. For the men, you too should be cautious as the chance of having Erectile Dysfunction increases. We can help you if you’re struggling with an erection. Sildenafil is designed to help with your erection.

Once you leave smoking, your heart rate starts becoming normal. The Carbon Monoxide levels in your blood also starts normal. Heart attack risk also decreases manifold. Your sense of taste and smell improves. The oxygen carrying capacity of the lungs also improves. The risk of having heart disease halves after 1 year.

After 10 year chances of having lung cancer becomes 50%, isn’t that amazing?

After 15 years chances of having CAD are, however, same as normal people.

How should I leave smoking?

It is only about mental motivation and self-control. You can choose your pick, whether it is Nicorette Gum or Mini Lozenges. Nicotine through lozenges, gums stimulate the brain and helps to feel happy as in a normal cigarette without the harmful effects of smoke as mentioned before. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can also help to motivate you to try these options and help yourself.

Lastly, remember that Quitting puts you on the path back to health!

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