What can different organizations do to Prevent Obesity?

-Businesses- Promote healthy eating options by providing healthy vending machine options, cafeteria, and catered events. Participating in healthy food drives, runs and awareness campaigns. Promotion of clinical and preventative services in terms of comprehensive health checkups and screenings. Apart from that, they could also conduct wellness programs at the workplace.

-Chefs, Celebrities and the Media- can promote active living as the norm, in television, film and advertisements. Market healthy food and activities for children. Work with teachers, parents and children to educate them about healthy eating. Increasing the kind of food options at sports clubs, entertainment centres, and movie venues.

-Households- establishing traditions in which the whole family participates in the fun run or food drive. Introducing healthy meals and snacks for the entire family. Pursuing pre natal care and breastfeeding for healthy mother and child. Introducing compulsory weekly exercise for all the family members.  Encouraging that school and child care settings have healthier food options. Limiting screen time, in order to encourage that children go out and play to stay fit and healthy.

The Government- should make appropriate food recommendations and mid-day meals/lunches. Monitor health through county health departments and health rankings. Construct more pedestrian and bike friendly roads and encourage people to take these routes. Ensure that people of aid programs have access to healthy food.

-Schools- Should include healthy living and eating in their curriculum, working to have better and more desirable healthy food options. Educating nurses on issues of wealth management and health management. Helping students inculcate activities like designing cookbooks, gardening and forming cooking clubs to know how to eat healthy and cook healthy. Lastly, it is important that schools include physical activity as part of the school’s routine.

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