Tablets of Xenical/Orlistat 120mg - 30 pills

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Xenical (orlistat) is a prescription medication used to aid overweight or obese persons with their efforts to shed pounds. Xenical offers hope to the millions of people around the world who suffer from obesity and weight gain disorders in achieving their goals at healthy, natural weight loss. Keep in mind that in order to lose the pounds that you want to, you must change your lifestyle, eating habits and your exercise regiments in combination with taking a fat absorption pill such as Xenical.

Only take Xenical as directed by a doctor. The recommended dosage level for Xenical is one 120-mg pill taken orally with water during every fat containing meal. In order for Xenical to work successfully you must maintain a nutritionally balanced diet that does not exceed more than 30 calories from fat during each meal. Xenical can be taken up to one hour after you have consumed a meal containing fat. Xenical is not intended to be taken more than three times per day, and furthermore, has not been shown to increase fat loss if taken more than the recommend three times per day. If you eat a meal that does not contain fat, you can choose to forgo taking a pill of Xenical to compliment the meal. If you miss a dose of Xenical do not double-dose, simply take the next dose during the next meal you eat containing fat.

Xenical is a powerful prescription medication that actually works to burn one-third of the excess fat contained in each meal you consume daily. Unlike other leading weight loss pills, Xenical focuses solely on targeting excess fat in your body. The human digestive system contains fat breaking enzymes called lipases, which help the body to break down the fat and process it in the system. Xenical attaches and targets these lipases enzymes, not allowing them to digest all of the fat consumed during a meal, allowing some of the fat to pass through the body in the bowel movements. This is how Xenical blocks roughly a third of all the fat that you consume during a day, which otherwise would be absorbed by your body.

Like all prescription drugs there are some side effects that can occur when taking Xenical. The side effects that can occur from taking Xenical include:

  • Oily spotting in stool
  • Excess gas
  • More frequent bowel movements
  • Oily discharge
  • Inability to control bowel movements
  • Brown and or orange colored oil in stool
  • In rare cases, a very serious allergic reaction occurred including the following symptoms: shortness of breath, hives, swelling of tongue, lips or face and or closing of the throat—if you experience any of these rare yet very serious side effects STOP taking Xenical and seek immediate medical treatment

The above mentioned side effects occurring with stool and bowel movements usually occur during early points of the therapy and are common as the body sheds excess fat through the stool. In most cases these side effects can occur when you consume more than 30% fat during a meal. In many cases the side effects will cease during continued usage of Xenical.

While Xenical may be right for most people who are looking to lose weight it also may not be the right weight loss drug for some people, including those who currently suffer from a chronic malabsorption syndrome, or those who suffer from gallbladder problems. Those who suffer from kidney stones, bulimia, anorexia, diabetes or who are currently taking drugs containing cyclosporine may not be able to take Xenical, as well as women who are expecting, pregnant or nursing. Always consult with your doctor to make sure that Xenical is the right weight loss drug for your situation.

Xenical has been proven to work to reduce up to 30% of the calories from fat consumed during a meal. Xenical is not the one factor in you losing weight. You must adjust your meals, balance your calories and not consume meals that contain more than 30% calories from fat. Balancing your meals is the key to losing weight effectively with Xenical. Always ask your doctor is Xenical is right for you and your specific weight loss situation.